We believe that driving yourself 

leads to living life to its full potential

Overland to Adventure want to share with you our passion to always be reaching for a bigger, better life with continuous growth that takes you Above and Beyond. Furthermore we believe this is the foundation to happiness and a greater sense of fulfilment, a key to unlocking self improvement.

Exploring how to take life to new levels is why we own a Land Rover.

  • Passion for Land Rovers  
  • Passion for Overlanding   
  • Passion for Adventure 
  • Passion for Personal Development

A New Site

We are working on building a site and a community platform that will bring together our passions and take us ABOVE and BEYOND .

Stress + Rest = Growth

We all have enough stress in our lives. What we need is more rest. That is what we need to grow. Rest comes in many forms and though most of us need to get more of the sleep variety. We can get rest from being outdoors or by doing something that we love, and there is no better way to take advantage of this than to use our land rovers and explore our world and opportunities.

Land Rover + Overlanding & Adventure + Personal Development = Rejuvenation (Rest) + Growth

Dan Sullivan, Owner of Strategic Coach the world’s most prolific coaching organisation for the world’s top entrepreneurs, encourages the use of free days to maximise rest. Strategic Coach advises clients to take at least 150 free days a year, entirely away from work, Dan knows that the power of rest has on the mind. As a result, he sees his entrepreneurs multiplying their business just from the creativity & productivity that rest can bring. This logic applies to everyone

Overland to Adventure will aim to bring you a site that will bring you inspiration and advice on how you can go above and beyond in overlanding, adventures and personal development to make the best life for you and the ones that you love.

 These three pillars brought together can create a continuous circle of development, and building a bigger, better life for us, the foundation to growth that leads to happiness.


There is often debate to the exact definition of overlanding. But whatever the meaning the truth is that your Land Rover is one of the best vehicles for the job. It can take you above and beyond the paved highway to see sights that you will be in awe of. Awe is a superpower to recharging your brain and improving your creativity and resilience


Overlanding is an adventure in itself –it can take you to almost anywhere in the world, and from there you can start whatever Adventure you like. Doing something that you love can be the rejuvenation that you need.  We want to inspire you to take current hobbies further or start something new – the secret is to try things and find something that you love to do. We will advise on the best accessories for carrying your gear. The adventure can

Self Improvement

So many areas of personal development can lead to opportunities to grow. Combining the latest strategies of personal growth with Overlanding & Adventure will not only enhance your Adventures. But your Adventures will strengthen your personal development. We are supporting the development of all areas of your life.  

Those of us who already own a Land Rover have felt the happiness (and sometimes sad) that it can bring us.  We are sure that that happiness will be multiplied x100 if you take it above and beyond with us.

My Story

It was about 5 years ago that I decided to take self improvement seriously. Starting work on my health, my mindset, and my productivity. Research lead me to the fact that it was necessary to make sure that you had good rest so that you could perform at your best.

What was good rest?

This is when I realised all the benefits that I could get from getting outdoors, off the grid or even just going away for the weekend car camping. My overlanding and adventures brought a about an important reset to my life. Not only did I see my work life improve, but my personal development lead to better overlanding and adventures. I was better prepared, I was fitter, I had a better mindset, found it easy transitioning between the lifestyles.

I want to inspire you to get out there, start small at first and gradually build up to more adventurous travels.

I promise it will do you wonders.

Just in case you are wondering why I specifically mention Land Rovers. I have always been passionate about Land Rovers and well they are all I really know. If you have another make, but you are still interested in what we have to say and explore, tag along. But no apologies I think there may well be a lot about Land Rovers too.

We are busily building Overland to Adventure to serve you.

If you are interested or have any suggestions to what you would like us to cover please register for updates

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