Is your life by your design, are you making the most of it?

How can Overlanding to Adventure lead to a better life.

To Have a Great Life, you need Great REST and PLAY

Overland to Adventure is a little different.

Having more Rest and more Play will ultimately lead to taking your life Above & Beyond the Life you have today.

Benefits of Overland to Adventure

You may doubt that much in your life can change. You don’t have time, too many things in the air, don’t have the first clue about overlanding, don’t even know what it is.

Overland to Adventure can help because I have been there, I have been overwhelmed, I was caught in the normal. I started a journey of discovery. Above all, I want to share that with you

I had three passions. First, I had a passion for Land Rover, that lead to a desire for Overlanding, which lead to a passion for Adventure. Together they became life-changing. Then, by applying a little mindset and personal coaching, and it becomes transformational.

I hope that we can inspire you, create a passion in your life to go Above & Beyond with Overlanding and Adventures.

From my experiences and journey, I advocate three core principles.

Core Principles

Start Small

Starting small has many advantages.

For instance, it allows you to develop skills, passions and activities that will work for you, safely and economically. 

Find your space and enjoy it.

Take short trips. To start, camp for just 1 or 2 nights, let the Adventure grow


Having compassion for what surrounds us, for ourselves, and others is another building block that leads to happiness, a greater sense of wellbeing and community.

Follow the leave no trace and Treadlightly principles

Above & Beyond

Growth leads to happiness, and to keep pushing yourself just enough so that you are continually growing is the secret to a happy life.

Keep pushing your boundaries, take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Overcome the hurdles in your mind with us that are stopping you taking that Adventure 

You just want to dip your toe, or don’t even know what overlanding is. You are someone who has already got well in the swing of taking themselves off for a weekend or longer adventures.

Above all, join a community that allows you to develop, share help, gain insight and encouragement, develop and live the same ethos and philosophy for Overlanding and Adventure.

Still, most of all, it is great fun.

What Questions are you asking?

We will look to answer the questions that may be on your mind:

  • What is Overlanding, what do I need to go Overlanding?
  • What are the adventures I can have Overlanding?
  • Ideas for self-improvement through overlanding?
  • What is Treadlightly and leave no trace, and why should I care?
  • How do I learn the basic driving techniques and become an expert at driving off the road?
  • How do I navigate, where can I go?
  • When camping what’s required? So, where can I camp safely?
  • What do I need to stay safe?

Pieces of my jigsaw – About My Story - How I got here

My first ride in a Land Rover, perched in the centre seat of an SWB pick up. I was four years old. It is my earliest memory of excitement and fascination. When I hear people talk about passion, my mind races back to that memory, it was the start of something.

However, for the next 20 years after that experience, I did a lot of dreaming. I peered into magazines building the association with travel, Adventure, and Land Rover. Images of the Camel Trophy, the Range Rovers of the Darién Gap, the first Overland all reinforced that earlier memory. I soaked up every movie that I could find that had a Land Rover or a Range Rover as the star.

Then there was the moment that those dreams began to become a reality; it was the start of an adventure to change my life for the better.

Why the hell Land Rover?

All those years of dreaming and planning included a Land Rover at the centre. I guess I became a little obsessed. I am the first to admit there is no real logic to it. But they are a passion of mine.

That is not to say that I have never had a temptation to look at or admire other marques. I do, often.

However, I have never taken the plunge, my experience other than the occasional hire car has been Land Rover. So, that is my reference point. I’m aiming to be authentic; Land Rover is what you will get.

But the musings here should be applicable whatever your car.

Why did it take so long to make dreams reality?

I let naysayers influence me. Gave in to doubts and convention; Allowed others, create my future for a while.

My plan had always been to pass my driving test the very first moment possible, in the UK, that was your 17th Birthday. I applied for my test the day after, seven weeks later, I was a qualified driver.

That should have been the moment. Buy a Land Rover, travel the world, live an amazing, fulfilling life, have inspiring stories to tell the world.

The Land Rover dream stalled – they are too unreliable and too expensive – because that’s what people told me. You need to have a career, settle down have a family. I bought into it.

In other words, a story developed in my mind.

It was either an Adventurous Lifestyle or career and family, not both. The career and family won; it became the habit.

That lived with me for another seven years. I finally started to come out of the hibernation of that story until the temptation, the lure, could not be resisted any more. It wasn’t a quick spring, though, bad habits are hard to overcome.

Land Rovers – The path to Adventure

My first, if short-lived, was a classic Range Rover. Since then, I’ve owned Defender’s, Discovery’s, and Range Rover’s each having a fond and unique place in my memory. Each was taking me a little further along the path of Adventure.

The cars were capable, but I initially refrained from any kind of real Adventure. The most I ever did was drive a few green lanes

Buying a Defender lead to the first Adventure

I eventually bought a Defender that we so imaginatively gave the name Landy. Buying Landy was going to be the moment; this was going to be the start. Adventures here we come.

Not so fast. Landy was only standard. So, first I need to raise the suspension, fit a raised-air intake, get a roof tent, fit guards, bigger wheels, mud tyres, winch. The list was endless. I couldn’t afford that.

No adventures yet, I couldn’t afford it. I did take one step forward, though. I started to learn what driving off-road was.

In the end, fate forced my hand. The Defender failed the UK’s MOT – The chassis was just some rust held together with underbody sealant. I decided it was time to start a new adventure, a Land Rover Rebuild.

Three years later, I was financially broke, but in return for my investment, sat on my drive was my definition of an Overlander. Result. Morocco here I come.

Rebuild Landy – The key to rebuilding my life or Creating a Monster?

Whilst I had been deep into the rebuild, I had started talking to a lifetime friend, and we had arranged the trip to Morocco once Landy was complete.

The trip was fantastic. Fell in love with Morocco. It was also the moment that I realised that this was my passion; it was my reset; I came back from that trip a different person. It was my motivation to change because I wanted to improve myself, to become the best version of me. It was the start of my road to personal development.

I wasn’t happy with Landy, so many little niggles. I spent the next six years fixing all the annoyances that I had created. Another way to describe it is reverting to standard.

When a manufacturer like Land Rover design and build their vehicles, they make compromises to balance the performance in different situations. Yes, having raised suspension for departure angles is excellent, but when it upsets the geometry of the suspension and effects road-handling and part longevity, not so much.

The lesson that I have learnt is that I had the tools years before. I didn’t have to wait to build the perfect Overlander; I already had one. The realisation came that I lacked one simple, missing ingredient. I just needed the confidence to take one little step.

This experience has been an instrumental part of my journey of change. Overlanding, Adventure, and Personal Development have all been pieces of my life’s jigsaw.

Still a long road to travel Overland to Adventure

I feel that I am still at the very beginning of the journey. I still have so much to learn, so much to see and experience. That is what is so great about this world, this lifestyle.

It’s a passion that I want to share. If I can encourage just one person to take a step into the Adventure and it makes their life a little bit better, then building this website will have been worthwhile.

Developing the Principles

My journey has taught me so much. I no longer see these lessons as mistakes or failures. However, those lessons took a lot of the most valuable resource that we have. Time!

We have in the grand scheme very little time. What is worse, the more you enjoy the time, the quicker it goes.

I want to help if I can, with your time management. Give you a fast track. Help you solve your issues, find information fast, let you have more time for fun and growth. Tall order? Maybe!

 I’ll give it a go, the next adventure underway.
  • Starting Small

  • Care

  • Above & Beyond

Starting Small

“Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain” - Mark Twain

Bigger isn’t Always Better

Have you seen 4x4 driving down the road sat on massive tyres, with a roof rack piled high with equipment and you need a step ladder to get in? Maybe you have an idea in your mind that this is what you need if you want to go on any kind of Adventure.

The truth is that in most cases a standard SUV is more than capable for a lot of situations that driving backcountry, unpaved roads will throw at you, and this can be more than enough to start your adventures.

Black Land Rover Discovery Sport Driving an Un-pathed road in Forest

There are so many options out there, so many solutions to the same problems—some cheap, some very expensive. I learnt the hard way that the biggest and most costly is not always the best way to go. In many cases, simple or standard in the case of car accessories is best.

When you are first starting out starting small is the best approach. Start to explore what you like and what you don’t. What works and what doesn’t. It will be personal, a personal choice, but we will strive to give you some ideas.

Don’t make the build of your truck the reason not to start having adventures.

Safety First

I can’t play the piano; I’ve never had a lesson. Of course, I have sat down and twinkled a few keys. So, I have experience. But I’m never going to put my hand up and claim that I can play a lively tune.

Having the right skills is valid for everything; we need to build and develop skills to become more proficient. It requires practice, another benefit of the principle of starting small.  Slowly over time, we can stretch ourselves, take ourselves gradually out of our comfort zone. Practice one new skill at a time. Even get coaching.

The safest approach is not to throw ourselves into the deep end.

He got Stuck in Morocco – help!

A friend of mine once came across a guy on a piste in the Moroccan Sahara. He’d been stuck there for days.

His story was that he had decided that he want to Overland. So, he went to an outfitter bought a kitted-out truck, he’s headed for Morocco, not knowing how to read maps, having no idea how to drive off-road and he didn’t know anything about the inner workings of his truck.

So here he was – the first time he had come across some soft sand – sunk to the axles and stuck. No real idea of where he was. Lucky that my friend came across him.

Within ten minutes, using the equipment that was on the stuck truck, my friend had him moving again. It was just a case of knowing what to do. 

Starting small, know your limits, understand the skills required for the destination environment and terrain. 

Knowledge is the difference between success and failure.

However, learning the required skills will lead you to have confidence, push your boundaries and grow.

Having knowledge and confidence will mean that it id much more fun

Much better than being overwhelmed, or worse, avoiding the experience and Adventure you have.

Gaining knowledge and learning is all part of ongoing development. It never ends, just keeps improving. We will always be looking for the safest way to have the wildest adventures. They still have to push us, to develop us, to take us out of our comfort zone, fill us with awe.

The Secret

Start small, find what you like, learn the skills, be safe, manage risk, but have fun and grow


To the best of our knowledge, we have one life.

But we have the choice of how we live it.

We aim to put an end to your excuses. The procrastination, the overwhelm the lack of knowledge, the lack of skills or even the lack of ideas.

Take yourself above and beyond - Overland to Adventure. Amplify the adventures in your life.

Simple and easy.

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