Next Overland Trip to Morocco – Why? The Decision Process

I’m cheating a little. This next Overland trip to Morocco will be my 4th in 7 years . 

Overland terrain map of morocco africa

The decision for the 2018 trip was actually made on the last night of the 2017 trip and whilst we were reflecting on how fantastic it had been. So I guess you could ask “where is the decision process in that?”.

However, thinking back to my first trip to Morocco in 2012, I decided to throw myself into this adventure because I had seen and read so much about the pistes. I wanted a taste of it and I wanted to experience it with Landy.

Morocco is a place of extremes. Altitude, temperature, wealth and climate are to name a few. But the country is simply exciting, and each trip I gain an unrivalled sense of freedom there. It has everything to wet the appetite of adventure.

The north has plains and rolling hills with the fields and fruit farms. Further south you will find the peaks of the Atlas range, with the high mountain passes. Then to the south is the huge expanse of the Sahara desert, with the arid gravel plateaux and mountainous dunes. All bordered to the west with the spectacular Atlantic ocean.

Like every overlanding trip, “We” is an old friend of 35 years and myself. We have a lot of things in common, not least having a great love of Morocco and of the wanderlust that is overlanding. He, however, drives a Toyota Land Cruiser called Bruiser.

We always plan to drive a circuit to take in and experience all the landscapes that Morocco has to offer. The ever-changing vista is a constant thrill.

The only thing we avoid is the hustle and bustle of the major cities because we want to overland as much as possible. 

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